Mini-IVF is a new  approach to IVF for women with low ovarian function – women with low AMH (anti-müllerian hormone), women with unsuccessful IVF treatment. Ovaries are gently stimulated by clomifen citrate tablets instead of high doses of FSH injections. Clomifen stimulates the pituitary gland to produce its own FSH.  This procedure is well tolerated and eliminates high cost of FSH medication.

Clomifen citrate starts on the third day of the cycle and continues until  ultrasound monitoring shows the ovary is  ready to ovulate. This protocol  reduces the chance of premature ovulation while allowing for the development of high quality eggs. On the other hand, clomifen citrate  decreases the  endometrial receptivity and embryo implantation.  That is why we recommend  embryo freezing  and transfer in the next  cycle.

Mini-IVF could be rational option for couples considering donated eggs as the very last option This approach   gives them  a  good chance to the pregnancy with  the own eggs. Promising  experience with mini-IVF presented   S. Silber (The Infertility Center of St. Louis, USA) and  S. Teramoto (Kato Clinic Tokyo, Japan).  In women 45 and above was stimulation cancelled for low response  approximately in 50 %. In  age group  38 to 41 years was pregnancy rate  8 %  per embryotransfer.  

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