IVF step-by-step

During an initial consultation with our fertility specialist we prepare the plan of your treatment. Some examination can be done by your gynaecologist and the results can be consulted by e-mail.

Ovarian stimulation

Follicle stimulating hormone is given to stimulate the egg production and prepare the uterus to receive embryos. You are closely observed by ultrasound and blood tests to assess your response to the medication. Accordingly, we decide when to proceed to the egg collection.

Egg collection

This is a short surgical procedure under genereal anesthesia (Figure 1). It involves an ultrasound-guided transvaginal egg collection. We immediately pass the collected eggs to our on-site embryology laboratories.


Following the fertilisation of your eggs, we can transfer one or two of the resulting embryos through a narrow catheter that is passed through your cervix (Figure2). Fourteen days after embryotransfer, we recommend you to make a pregnancy test.